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Organisers also analysed how research and development have helped increase awareness, and commercial opportunities.

Water for food and agriculture is an important topic on the agenda.

COST supports more than 20 Actions in this area and European stakeholders intensively discuss the issue with a strong focus on the Mediterranean area.

COST aimed to provide networking opportunities to structure this important field, to link the active researchers with policy stakeholders and thus connect the dots in the European Research Area.

The 2nd Annual Conference of NEUBIAS, gathering the whole Bio Image Analysis Community into a multi-faceted event, offers two Training schools, a Working Meeting (Taggathon) and a Large Symposium dedicated to Scientific Developments and Open Tools in Bio Image Analysis.

CA15225 Fractional-order systems - analysis, synthesis and their importance for future design, have arranged a study group focussing on the efficient usage of fractional-order approaches in system control domain and uses the advantage of direct interaction and knowledge transfer between academics and industry partners dealing with the design and usage of system controllers.Many of these challenges are being addressed by information and communication technologies, which form an integral part of everyday life for everyone.Sometimes technologies are targeted at particular needs or age groups, but often they are generic, addressing many issues and kinds of people.The multidisciplinary COST Action IS1404 E-READ has fostered a great deal of empirical research on the effects of the wholesale adoption of screens for reading.The conference "Books and screens and the reading brain" was intended to showcase some of the preliminary findings. But these findings also need contextualisation, relating them to the history and present practice of reading and the social history of literacy.

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