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On the other hand, You Tube lets anyone with more than 10,000 views earn a slice of advertising revenue, while Twitch users can't monetize their streams until they're invited to the Partner Program or Affiliate Program.You Tube obviously has a larger reach in general, but Twitch attracts more eyeballs in terms of gaming streaming—that means Twitch users can potentially get a much bigger following, but the platform's sheer number of streamers can make it harder for those who are just getting started to stand out.It's these sort of caveats that mean what's best for one user won't work as well for another.No matter which platform you land on, whether you prefer to play on a computer, console, or phone, we've selected our favorite live-streaming hardware and software to give you the best setup possible. Even if you’ve geared up your computer to play the latest and biggest titles in gaming, streaming the action at a consistent frame rate requires a little more processing power.In addition to your actual computer, you will also need equipment that lets you broadcast your own face and commentary (if you want to add them to the mix) and encoding software that can capture the action and send it to Twitch or You Tube. Your computer's existing webcam may provide a perfectly satisfactory video and audio feed—it really depends on how high-spec your machine already is.So, before in vesting in equipment, you should run a few tests to check the quality of your built-in option.

You can even add a watermark if you want to stamp your name on your video content.Your choice might come down to the machine you play on—the brand of computer, console, or phone that you use could determine the best platform for you.For example, You Tube Gaming works better on Android devices (probably thanks to Google's involvement), but it isn't natively supported on the Xbox One.For that, you want to choose your streaming setup carefully.If you've yet to dip your toe into live streaming, you'll need to decide between the two biggest platforms: Twitch and You Tube.

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