Dating imperial pocket knives

This lot includes, Highland Cyclist Bn, Highland Regt, Middle East Commando, Full set of Kings Colonial Squadron Badges, RND badges, Reserve Regt DG, OTC title, RFC, Air Gunner, RAF officers badges. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. It is fully illustrated with black and white plates and sketches. The ear cushions are stamped 'front' below a small encircled 'T' towards the front of the earpiece. The cushion has faint visible black ink stamps on the top aspect including a serial number 47555-1 and is ink stamped AC. The cushion appears to be stuffed with horse hair or similar.

Selection of 100% guaranteed original British Army Cap Badges. We do NOT sell knowingly any restrikes or fakes, money back guarantee. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the .300" Lewis Machine Gun in US calibre for Ground Action, Provisional, dated 1940. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. This book covers the maintenance, repair and inspection of the weapons. The receivers are fitted into the Harvard design ear cushions. The cushion is fitted with a small canvas loop in each of it's 4 corners and all stitching is nicely intact.Meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please ask. This is a magnificent item, unique and specific to the 17th/21st lancers. This box contained 10 grenades and the propelling cartridges. The inside of the lid, illustrated, also has handling instructions. It is made from Brass with an alloy cap and has a time ring which indicates that it could be used between 7 and 25 seconds before detonation.We have a good selection of WW2 period Aircraft cannon rounds, both British and German. The inner separators are missing and the swivel catch on the lid. This is a nice original inert fuse in great condition. O 714 An original 34" x 25" WW2 Japanese 'Occupation' Flag in good condition.This lot includes, Doncaster, Caernarvon, Avon, Grampian, Gwynedd, Northern, Great Yarmouth, Bradford, Derbyshire, Derby, Cleveland, West Glamorgan, W. ball rounds for the Browning Heavy Machine Gun in excellent condition. It has a gilt and enamel cap badge, gold cap cords and a black oak leal cap band. A very ornate peaked cap of a senior Austrian Police Officer. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the No.68 Anti Tank grenade and the 69 Bakelite Hand Grenade, dated 1941. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. It is a facinating story relating to The Royal Military College, Sandhurst during the war. A wicker, 4 shell carrier for the German 7.5cm ammunition dated inside on the base 1940. An original shrapnel shell for the British 12 Pdr 6 cwt Mk ll Breech Loading Horse Artillery Gun. It became popular for Pilot's and Aircrew to have custom made, colourful decorative loose cushion covers with images, slogans and sometimes poems dedicated to Wives, Family, and Girlfriends, fitted to their seat pads/cushions (some types of seat cushion were also attached to their parachute which would be housed in a recess beneath their seat).Sussex, Somerset, Bristol, Grimsby, Herts, Essex, Surrey, Cardiff Airport, Cheshire, Beds, LFB. A very rare common pointed, base fused, HE round made by Winchester for the 6pounder gun in 1896. Stamped Lake City Ordnance Plant, USA ( LC ) 1944 ( Headstamps may vary ). Inside it has a leather chin strap and large makers diamond. It has a gold bullion boss on the white linen peak with the red & white Austrian roundel in its centre. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Grenade, dated 1942. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. it covers the arduous training and the results of the training. Nicely stamped on the inner lid and remnants of the paper label. The shell is profusely stamped on the base and side and dated May 1900, made by the Royal Laboratories. 56 Time and Percussion Fuze made by Royal Laboratories in July 1903. A broad variety of designs became available during the War Years and became so popular that Army PX's sold these seat covers alongside other supplies ( PX's (Post Exchanges) were retail stores similar to British Forces NAAFI's which are in effect shops for Servicemen at Army, Navy and Air Force bases). The front is deep purple in colour with gold, yellow and red printed images and lettering.

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