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She said some odd things and before they had sex he asked her how old she was.

For all I know, your man may have been completely honest with you.

Ok, so many of you may have read my last post on how my guy doesn't have a great job or make much money and I have to pay for everything.

Well, here's the reason: he's a registered sex offender. He volunteered the info and said that he would have told me sooner but I had a few other very big things I was dealing with and then the holidays so he had waited.

If it was just a stupid mistake he made, and no other times, then maybe according to your own feeling giving him a chance. This is not to *assume* that he will re-offend, simply because from what he told you, it wasn't on purpose. However, if it was intentional (even if he thought she was older, but still underage), chances of re-offending are high.

Your feeling on him will determine, it should not up to us to judge or decide, it would be unfair. If you aren't comfortable taking that risk, don't take it. I have followed that thread you wrote before, and I cannot believe what I am hearing now. - Bad for both of you : You can't get over the fact that he is a registered " sex offender " and really, who can?

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