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Every dating site will allow you to create a free profile but only do this on one site and pay to upgrade to full member.This is important because otherwise it will slow down your success because you will be unable to send and receive messages properly and you might get discouraged quickly. Browse a few dating profiles on some sites to see what the approximate age ranges and interests are.Love is a personal development issue – it’s virtually the greatest experience we can have.If love isn’t such a big deal, why are most movies and songs written about it?Why is marriage still so popular despite the divorce rate?Because humans are hardwired to want and crave love and physical connection with others!Some dating websites are targeted at a particular religious group like JDate for Jewish singles or sites for Christian singles, an age range or lifestyle factors. Step 2 – Create an interesting profile Create a profile and choose a recent photo. We’ve all been guilty of photo subterfuge, but I’m warning you now – it’s only going to create problems down the track. Here are my golden rules about photographs: Basically, if you’ve got a different hair cut, colour or amount of hair, the photo is too old!

Whenever I hear people moan about being single, I always suggest “Try internet dating”. You may have even tried it and got dismal and depressing results.

As with anything related to goal setting or the Law of Attraction, you have to be open to receiving what you want.

Being hung up on an ex-partner or having fears or trust issues will create negative energy that could repel a potential partner and sabotage your success.

These actions clear the decks and leave you physically, emotionally and energetically ready for a brand new relationship, not a repeat of your old one. Well, that’s ok too, but you’ll have far more success if you prepare for it.

For the record, I used this exact dating system when I was living in London during my single girl days.

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