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i love sucking on them I can't disguise my dark puffy nipples, they are so visible through anything I wear. I can't stand the feeling of a bra, so I refuse to wear one, but most bras just bring more attention to them. As I have said in my stories, my wife has very beautiful pink puffy nipples.

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After a couple of years with Nipple funs, I really enjoy the new feelings, and how hard and puffy my nipples have become. Of course, many of you lucky women are blessed with beautiful aereola, love them too. Wearing a shelf bra when you have puffy nipples is just the most erotic thing you can do. So , I'm Tom and I am a widower , who was married to Diane , my virgin bride . So anyway - she had these perfect **** - a soft gentle rise , but capped with these rosebuds . When I met my Partner about 6 years ago, she was 19 years old, I still remember the first time we had sex like if it was yesterday and undressing her to find that she had puffy nipples, I always had a thing for puffy nipples but I had never been with a Girl that had them, so that...

The temperature tease of hot tongue plus the cold ice makes your twins ultra sensitive, and triggers your nipples to hyperextend—a crazy-sexy visual.

Good Vibrations Glide a bullet-style vibrator over your breasts while he watches.

Spice Girl Dab a little cinnamon leaf oil (or cinnamon oil mixed with a couple drops of olive oil) onto your nipples and then ask your man to blow on them for a pleasurable tingly feeling.

Wet & Wild While your man is watching, stroke yourself south of the border and then massage your own natural lubrication onto your bare breasts.

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