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Most of the entertain- ers are members of the Blind Players' Club, which gives performances at the Academy of Music each spring. Dora Lang, wlio was responsible for the home being opened." There is close co-operation in the Home. Lang would like the people of the entire borough to know that the Home Is for all the people of the borough, and not for people of Rich- mond Hill alone. On Chri.stmas Eve they hung up their stockings over the fireplace and i Santa came along and saw to it that leach one received something- for Christmas; For one thing Santa left them an j Atwater-Kent radio set, which has 'been set up in the dining room, and from which there came the strains of a piano player miles and miles away.

The entire affair, which was undef the immediate direction of Miss Be- atrix Griswoldi, assisted by Miss Evelyn Griswold, was so arranged that it start- ed with the spirit of Christmas and before the evening was over thoughts i were turned toward the New Year and I songs were sung and recitations made i along these lines. On Christmas Day the blind people had a tree — a nice tree, all decorated land fixed up with trinkets and orna- ments and lights — and the blind gathered around the tree in the even- ing, and clapped their hands and said: Oh!

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I However, this theatre party has, special Brooklyn interest, for it isi Eben P. Hence, it is ideflnite news to call attention to his [fund raising offering by printing the complete array of patrons and Whk'Ji. Jje mentioned that'fthere were three things which made it-ipossibie for them to succeed ae they l^ve and nrogrese i! As he started, these things w«*6 not race, becaljse they were of many races; not creed, because they were of all creeda; not looks, because with th^m looks i, meant nothing; not eduction, because'^while some of them were very well edueflted, others had had very meager schooling, but that theii- , success lay in the tljjree factors of healfhj:, courage and g$pd , cheer which made it possible for^ them to penetrate the darkness of thieir lives and to react the goal for wljich they were striving. Murrajs Frank Tilley, the English Luther-in Churciy of Woodhaven, the Island City Chapter, O. S.; Court Loretta, Catholic Daughters of Americb., the Philanthropic League, Mr. (These guests were blind old women from the Kings County Almshouse, Bach year they are the guests of the blind girls of the Bureau of Charities and although each succeeding year many of the older ones are gone, new ones are added and the total number of guests remains about the same. ^Ja-Ncoary 3, i^xs: DLlnu cnicni Hin Hifu 'inh ENJOYED THEMSELVES THE HOME IN NINETY-FIFTH AVENUE, RICHMOND HILL, WAS CROWDED MANY RESIDENTS PRESENT In Afternoon Inmates Held Party for Sightless Children — In Evening Were Made Happy A party., was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Home for the Blind, Ninety-fifth avenue, Richmond Hill. In the evening the inmates were entertained by those who are in- terested in the institution. These blind old women guests -were each given a basket containing small trinkets or presents which had been made espe- cially for them by the blind girls work- ing throughout the year at the bureaus, workrooms. Riley, general secretary of the bureau, complimented the girls- upon their courage and good cheer i»; forj- |ing through to fi|iancial independence and success despitl: their handicaps. On the ar- rang'ement committee were also some sightless ones.

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