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The mid 70s saw most states recognize marital rape and in 1993 it became criminalized in all 50 states. It wasn’t until the 2012 London Olympics that women could compete in boxing in the Olympics. Before the No Fault Divorce law in 1969, spouses had to show the faults of the other party, such as adultery, and could easily be overturned by recrimination. Even a routine medical procedure can break the bank, but the price of mending a broken bone or removing an appendix pales when compared to the process of transitioning between genders.Mc Cormack holds a graduate degree in divinity and worked in the Unitarian Universalist fellowship ministry.Securing a steady position has been tough, though, so he's now starting his own consulting business.There are online guides galore, as procedures can be significantly less expensive in the Philippines, Mexico and Thailand. For something that important, you need to have the exact right doctor to make sure you have the best outcome." says Shanahan. Reputable online guides for doctors who perform sex reconstruction in the States are published on Planet Transgender.The potential for profound hazards is inherent, though. "If you're paying ,000 to ,000 for a surgery that costs ,000 in the States, what's the quality going to be? Be wary of bargain basement deals, warns Mc Cormack: "Going for the cheapest is common.Bottom modification consists of constructing female genitalia with a vaginoplasty.According to The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, these surgeries, (along with a cosmetic procedure to complete the effect, such as rhinoplasty) cost approximately ,000.

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SRS helps a person born male or female switch their gender by changing outward appearances. For males transitioning to females, top modifications include breast augmentation and facial feminization.

We learned all this in Irish Central’s charming post, “How things have changed – ten things that Irish women could not do in 1970s.” And that made us wonder, what were things like for women in America before the ’70s? Until the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, women could be fired from their workplace for being pregnant. Report cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Women could not don their running shoes until 1972!

So while we still have a long way to go to secure total equality for women, let’s take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come. The first time that a court recognized sexual harassment in the workplace was in 1977 and it wasn’t until 1980 that sexual harassment was officially defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Hidden expenses arise Aidan Mc Cormack, 36, from Chicago, began life as a biological female.

In 2005, he started the gender reassignment process.

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