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“Down in the Valley” became their first hit back in 1999.This album made them well-known not only in Hawaii, but also in the Mainland and as far as east coast.Three years later, Ekolu came out with their second debut album called, “Shores of Waiehu.” This album gave Hawaii a little twist of its own unique style.Hits such as “Just one Night” and “Shores of Waiehu” took up a lot of air time on the local radio stations in Hawaii.These talented men are the best of friends, but most of all brothers.

Since then Lukela, Akoni and Makapu strived on to become the entertainers they are today.

In Lukela’s free time he enjoys writing music and spending quality time with his family.

Although his mom is a missing part of his life, he never forgets how much of an inspiration she was to him.

Lukela’s sincere interest of music came about at the age of 14.

He was in the 8th grade, attending Iao Intermediate School, where he was placed in a music class.

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