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Overlapping responsibilities between the joint ministries and the ministries of the two halves caused friction and inefficiencies.The armed forces suffered particularly from overlap.Each half of the Dual Monarchy proved quite prepared to disrupt common operations to advance its own interests.Relations over the half-century after 1867 between the two halves of the empire (in fact the Cisleithan part contained about 57% of the combined realm's population and a rather larger share of its economic resources) featured repeated disputes over shared external tariff arrangements and over the financial contribution of each government to the common treasury.Just local drunken bards learning you the history of your nation?The fact is my friends, Croats are few centuries older then Serbs...You said that the Triune Kingdom existed on some levels - on what levels exactly (especially, on what government and state-administration levels? After the Ausgleich of 1867 the Austrian Empire was divided into two parts - Cisleithania (the Austrian part) and Transleithania (the Hungarian part).

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Each build-up to the renewal of the agreement saw political turmoil.The disputes between the halves of the empire culminated in the mid-1900s in a prolonged constitutional crisis—triggered by disagreement over the language of command in Hungarian army units, and deepened by the advent to power in Budapest (April 1906) of a Hungarian nationalist coalition.Provisional renewals of the common arrangements occurred in October 1907 and in November 1917 on the basis of the status quo. This atuhentic original map of Hungary and Croatia can show us that Vojvodina is Under Hungarian rule and within Hungarian borders, and Srijem is under Croatia and within Croatian borders.Representatives from Dalmatia went to the parliament in Vienna, while the representatives of Croatia-Slavonia went to Budapest.Puppet Croatia created by Austro Hungary had to report to Budapest from 1867-1918 , That's not self governance , that's subjugation and servitude.

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