Questions for the dating game

As the person doing the waiting, you could always give them a call to see if they were still at home or at work…but only if you had a dime and could find a pay phone.

Everyone who works here is passionate, and not just about work.He was surprised and flattered by this and everything was set up for him to meet me at my locker and spring the question.Imagine my reaction when it turned out that she thought the “Steve” I liked was a geeky guy in my class instead of the swoon-worthy “Steve” who was a senior.As part of my ongoing commitment to supply great lesson plans for today’s classrooms, I always enjoy getting feedback on how the material is used and what kind of new content you’d like to see in future columns.I’m also happy to answer any questions related to specific problems your students may be struggling with. Former actress/director Christina Hamlett is an award winning author, professional script consultant, and ghostwriter.

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