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On October 8, 1963, famous Mafia defector Joseph Valachi, in his lengthy testimony given before the Mc Clellan Committee, spent a few lines on Mafia activity in the city of Rochester, New York.He identified two Rochester brothers, Costanze “Stanley” and Frank Valenti, as members of New York City’s Bonanno Family, and their pictures were pinned on one of the charts used during the hearings.Despite their identification, both escaped conviction on the Giannola murder charge.Macalizzi however, was jailed for another homicide only a short time later.Another would be Frank Cremaldi, an organized crime figure active in Rochester, Chicago and Detroit.

Colletti, the Mafia chieftain in Colorado, was like the Valenti brothers wrongly described as a Bonanno soldier during the Valachi testimony.This informant could provide no additional information about Colletti and his link with the Rochester Mafia, making Colletti’s associates and operations during this period unclear.Another figure that possibly is of interest in regard with developing ties between the Mafia in Rochester and both the Bonanno and Magaddino Families is one Calogero Arena, a suspected Rochester blackmailer.The gang, Fontano claimed, was known as “The Good Killers”, and had been responsible for various murders in New York and Detroit.One of the Detroit murders Fontano stated was committed on the orders of the Good Killers was that of Salvatore Giannola, the murder Arena and Macalizzi had been charged with two years earlier.

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