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The truth is I was asking for help to create cute and catchy flair for supplements, health gadgets, and detox programs for sale at the naturopathic clinic where I worked.

Most, if not all, naturopaths sell dietary supplements or medications (like thyroid hormones) directly to patients.

Nonetheless, naturopaths make money off these sales, and unlike in any other medical profession, this sort of profiteering is rampant in the naturopathic community and extremely unethical.

The conventional medical community has been clear on its professional opinion about the in-office sales of medical items: doctors should not sell stuff directly to patients.

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On May 31st, Facebook reminded me of an old post I made four years ago asking friends for ideas on merchandising in a “medical” setting.

Many naturopaths also sell “wellness packages” that bundle supplements with several office appointments, lab tests, and therapies such as acupuncture, lymph drainage, and intravenous injections of vitamins and minerals.

Very little, if any, of these products and services are supported by high-quality evidence.

The AANP’s position ignores the fact that naturopaths are profiting from the sale of items that have very little evidence, if any, to support their use.

I miraculously “cured” my psoriasis using naturopathic therapies.) I used my personal health story again and again when talking to prospective patients and selling supplements.

I do not think I was intentionally using a sales tactic.

Then the clinic would mark-up these products between 65% and 100%, based on the original price, not our reduced, negotiated price.

In my experiences, the savings were never passed onto the customer, I mean, patient.

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