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I'm not aware of any jurisdiction that explicitly forbids oral sex while driving, but there are generally laws against driving in a reckless manner and against driving while distracted, and I suspect driving while having oral sex would count as either or both.A lot of us feel that the "driving while texting" laws are superfluous because there are already laws prohibiting reckless driving, and that the main purpose of "driving while texting" statutes is to generate revenue by creating a lesser noncriminal offense which (because it's subject only to a fine) does not entitle the accused to the full due process protections of the criminal justice system. To be sure, sexting has its upsides, with its anytime-anywhere accessibility. Take my friend Meredith, 25, a fashion writer who used to text her man from the office with notes like, "I'm at work - let's do it on my desk! " After a few too many drinks one night, she accidentally sent a smutty note to her best friend. I'd never sleep with Dave the Ex-Convict if I met him on the street, so why do it via text? I forgot about the incident until recently, when a guy texted me some boozy, suggestive messages about the kinky things he wanted to do with me. Was text sex becoming America's preferred way to drunk-dial? Or worse, what if it causes us to lower our standards?There, I’m going to lie you down and ____ while your hand is _____ before I bring out the _____’.I have watched people spend their day sexting away, to end with a ‘so, I’ll be over after work?It was Dave, my boss at the record store where I worked, who first introduced me. Dave was a scary man, an ex-convict with a volatile temper and a rap sheet to match. I want 2 fuk it."I wasn't sure whether to blush, laugh, or call the cops. A guy who, up until now, had demonstrated zero interest in my ass, let alone any wish to defile it.

By the way, if you do plan on giving him a blow job, then use these oral sex tips to give him a mind-shattering orgasm.Mistake #2: Wrong Message At The Wrong Time – All the sext message examples in this guide along with the 73 phrases for talking dirty to your man here and the 64 dirty talking examples here will have your man drooling like a puppy for you, but…They don’t work perfectly in every situation or for every stage in your relationship.This instructional video may be a bit shocking for you, but it will teach you how to build sexual tension, keep your man thinking about you and how to have passioniate sex by whispering some very simple "dirty" phrases in his ear.But a poll by the Huffington Post, in partnership with You Gov, indicates that this notion isn't true.Only 48 percent of survey respondents would consider it cheating if their partner kissed someone else on the lips.

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