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Dior's creations are undoubtedly lovely, with intense, swirling color and texture.

Many celebrity clients and hig Bil (that's how he spells it) Corcoran, a "hopelessly single" computing student at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is really into sports cars and racing.

Fold-up and competition chairs, as wel No need to dig around for info on "ancient" Egypt (a region covered by Egypt, Sudan and parts of Libya today).

Check into this University of Chicago site for info on archeological sites, Egyptological institutions, papyrology and much more.

In spite of that great burden, he has managed to link this page to sailing, cars, and aviation sites. Alex Antonopolous is majoring in biology at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore. This all-seeing company, located in Colville, Washington, has a grand assortment of audio/video recording systems for law enforcement, school buses, transit buses, cabs, ambulances, etc., plus walk-through and ground searching metal detectors.

This Chicago native loves mountain biking and debunking management theory.

Residents of Northern California and the San Francisco area now have the option of shopping for pre-owned, high-end autos from the private market with A. He claims to be the maintainer of the unofficial John Irving site, but Roll in here and they'll turn you into hell on wheels.

A potpourri of products and services based in balmy Naples, Florida.Ancient trees in photos, poetry and interactive description combine in this ongoing eco-art project by NYU artist June Julian.It's an exciting experiment; nature lovers and art lovers will have a lovely time.Jump up and down on your mouse if you love Long Island City.The site owner does, and he's included some fine pictures that will frighten the tourists and make NYC expatriates ache with homesickness. Lynn Lyons of Lewisville, Texas, refers to customers as "guests," and wants them to be happy.

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    Luis and Anouk take a trip to the hills high above La Paz to check out what must be the world's biggest open-air flea market.

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    It was then headquarters for the 5th Regiment California Volunteer Infantry until December 1864. On October 16, the day of the summit, Burnham and Private C. Moore, a Texas Ranger, discovered a man holding a concealed palm pistol standing at the El Paso Chamber of Commerce building along the procession route.