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A leader in crisis must have the flexibility to adapt to the situation, regardless of the inherent processes of the organization. Enable Others to Act: In a crisis, much more than in normal operations, effective partnerships are critical to the success. Encourage the Heart: Taking care of the response staff is not much different in a crisis as in normal operating situations.

What is different is the stress the team is under and how fast this can change.

In the Navy we call it "losing the bubble"; not being aware of the tactical situation at sea can cost lives. Inspire a Shared Vision: It is critical in a crisis that we all share the same goal.

We may have different reasons for the goal but we have the goal in common.

In teaching crisis leadership in over 100 seminars and workshops, the following lessons can help you prepare: to a crisis becomes a matter of common sense.

Those we thank will feel better, and we’ll feel better when we do.

And one final thing…if you want to begin this New Year with a little more awe, wonder, and gratitude in your life—and who doesn’t?

Thank them profusely for spending time with you and for their great suggestions, and have everyone return the cards to you. was published a decade ago, authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have continued to research, consult, teach, and learn about what young leaders do when they are at their best.

Sort them all into categories that you could work on at the same time. What do they do to get people to move toward a better future?

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